How often do you celebrate your successes? How often do you do a million things right, one thing wrong and harp on the one thing wrong?

I know I often did whether it be in my work on projects – when went wrong, what happened, how can we ‘fix’ it to get it back on track? Or on the sports teams I was a part of – again what went wrong, what can we do to ‘fix’ it? As well as other areas of my life. But until recently, it never dawned on me to consider the successes. And when I did have success, to me, it didn’t feel like what I thought success would feel like. It didn’t feel as good as what I had hoped that result would bring, and I am learning why!

“Life is a journey, not a destination” I can hear that Aerosmith lyric in my head. And that is what I am learning: to enjoy the process, the journey, the little successes along the way to really enjoy getting to where I want to be.

But really, we can only be where we are now. The result of the choices we made in the past brings us to the present moment. Some may have been good choices, some not so good, but all were choices and lessons along the way.  It is the choices we make today that shape our future. Worrying and/ or dwelling on the past will not improve the future. Worrying about the future will only bring the low energy into the future. Enjoy the now to bring the high energy into the future.

Yes, I still do think it is important to acknowledge where things went ‘off track’ (but not wrong) so that we can correct the course – like a GPS – to get up closer to where we want to go. Certainly not ignore them, but also not to harp on them. However, it is even more important to acknowledge and celebrate what went right. The Law of Attraction states something like ‘what we focus on we get more of’. So if we focus on the ‘problems’, we get more of them. If we focus on the ‘successes’, we get more of them.

My challenge for you this week, acknowledge and feel the little success you have each day. I know you have them! In fact, write them down in a journal – a ‘Success Journal’ – at last 5 success you had today, an continue each day for one week, regardless of how large or small they may seem. As you consider the success, connect with them by feeling them in your body, Give yourself a pat on the back. You do deserve it. At the end of the week review your list of successes and feel them again. Observe how things shift for you when it comes to enjoying the now.

Please comment/ share your experiences on the Susie’s Insights Facebook page ( or you can email me ( to share your celebration.

To your success!


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