Pleasing others… how succesful have you been with that?

I came across a FB post today that was very timing for me, and of course felt the need to share my insight around pleasing others.


How often do you agree to do things you do not want to do to please others? I used to always do this – put others before myself – and still catch myself every once in a while. Until I really learned about respecting my boundaries I did not even acknowledge what I wanted in the situation, but was content (or so I thought) to go along with what others wanted. And then I would wonder why I did not feel respected when I did voice what it was I wanted.

But more and more, as I am learning to respect my boundaries, and saying ‘no’ to others, I am receiving that respect for what it is I want.

So, when you find yourself in this dilemma of not wanting to do something that you think would please someone else stop and ask yourself what do you want for you, and give yourself permission to choose what you want. But make sure you are clear about what you want, as sometimes doing what you may feel uncomfortable doing my just be a stretch to help you grow.

Keep but keep in mind that sometimes saying yes to others is like saying no to you. Recognize your boundaries, and say yes to you. You cannot make anyone else happy – that is their job. Choose to do things that make you happy.

To our happiness,

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